Porto, North & Douro Valley

Porto: one of Portugal’s oldest cities.

To find out more about its history and culture you can walk its well-signposted guide route. Oporto lies at the mouth of the River Douro, overlooking the port wine city of Vila Nova de Gaia. Experience a nostalgic journey with an old-fashioned tram ride to Foz, where the River Douro meets the Atlantic Ocean. Or visit the great churches and monuments evoking some of the great personalities and events of Portuguese history.

Braga: just as people did in the Renaissance, enter Braga by the Porta Nova Archway.

It is here that the keys to the city are kept - keys to a thousand year-old city whose monuments serve as reminders of the awesome power once wielded by its bishops.

Guimarães: European  Capital of Culture 2012

Guimarães holds a very special place in Portuguese affections. It was in this medieval castle that Afonso Henriques was born. Within sight of its high walls, he would defeat the armies of his mother in 1128. Proclaimed heir to the Kingdom of Portucalense by the nobles of the Minho, the Prince, declared of striking beauty in chronicles of the time, would go onto become the first king of Portugal. However, it is for its surviving built heritage that UNESCO declared the city of World Heritage status, a decision that soon becomes clear in its historic centre.

Barcelos:  adopted as its symbol the legend of the Rooster.

On the banks of the river Cávado, Barcelos offers the happy and warm welcome characteristic of the Minho region. Popular festivals and celebrations plunges you into the lights and colours of local tradition. Enjoy the pleasures of life in a region of rich customs, good food and excellent wine.

Douro River Valley: the World Heritage Douro Valley is a captivating destination for couples.

Taste the Port wine, known worldwide for its quality and flavour. Learn about the stages involved in its production. In this region - the first one in the world to be demarcated - the centuries-old tradition of wine growing has produced a cultural landscape of remarkable beauty. Old traditions highlight the symbiosis between river, land and this wine, too precious to be fully appreciated alone. With your good company, delight at the beauty of the green vineyards layered down over granite steps. 

Porto & North