Madeira Flower Festival


Madeira, "The Island of Flowers" was the title by which the Island is known abroad for many years. Due to its location, this island was an important port of call on the routes between Europe and the African and American continents. On arrival, tourists were surprised on the streets of Funchal by florists selling flowers and later would learn of the important connexion between locals and flowers as each house is filled with lots of flowers that fill the air with unique aromas. The Flower Festival is one of Madeira largest festivals a tribute to the special liaison of its residents with flowers and springtime, and intends to promote the wealth of flowers that colour, perfume and inebriate the environment in order to reinforce the islands notoriety abroad. This tribute will take place in April, so appropriately entitled the "month of flowers". Madeira Tourism is the official promoter of the Flower Festival, an event that intends to marvel tourists and residents alike by giving it a genuinely innovative character and also by prolonging the celebrations over a longer period of time. Young people dressed with costumes depicting flowers will parade along the central walkway of Avenida Arriaga. The famous flower carpets will be made and you can admire the flower sculptures adorning the entire area. The traditional flower exhibition will take place in Praça da Restauração, followed by the usual Flower Market, enclosing the city centre in a unique ambience of Nature's fragrances. Alongside various other events, this celebration culminates with the construction of the Wall of Hope by the children of Madeira and also with the grand flower festival parade. Come along, enjoy our mild climate and discover the flowers of the world through this world of flowers.