Madeira & Azores

Are you looking for a few days of relaxation and comfortable living? Then catch a plane to Madeira or Azores.

Madeira: a refined and sophisticated holiday destination.

Set in a spectacular landscape with a wonderful climate. The top-quality hotels and excellent service mean that everybody feels comfortable and welcome. Madeira is a tropical island. The Laurisilva Forest, in the Madeira Natural Park, is the largest evergreen forest in the world - a fact that has earned it classification as a world heritage site. Elsewhere the exotic flowers and fruits compete with one another in their variety and colour. And then there’s the sea, always blue and visible from wherever you are.

Azores: nine different islands of adventure, nine delightful surprises.

Think of a place to the west, where the nature and vegetation are pure and untouched, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  You can see dolphins and whales frolicking in the sea or volcanic landscapes covered in green. Then there are the stunning, lilac-coloured hydrangeas that provide hedges for the meadows; the blue and green lakes; the craters of extinct volcanoes and the steam rising from the land. The volcanic activity here means that you can even have your meal cooked under the ground! Inland you can go mountain climbing and walking through the countryside. Or you can stick to the coast and go diving and swimming.



  1. Lisbon & São Miguel (Azores)

  2. Lisbon & Madeira

Madeira & Azores