Lisbon & the Seaside

A beautiful city blessed with a spectacular setting on the banks of the Tagus River.
To know Lisbon, is to enter a world of possibilities: Yours!
Lisbon is a city that always offers something special to visitors: feel and discover it.
Tradition, romance, culture, entertainment, modern life, excitement and much, much more.
Lisbon is perfect. Lisbon is safe. The culture, the history, the architecture and the people are fundamental aspects of Lisbon’s identity, and those who explore them will discover their own personal map. There are so many possibilities, don't let them get away.

Sintra is an inexhaustible attraction.

The perfect symbiosis between nature and its built heritage led to its classification by UNESCO as World Heritage, at the category of Cultural Landscape, in 1995. The town has been adored over the years by artists and writers from all over the world and the passion for the town reached its peak in the 19th century, in the heart of the romantic era.

Estoril & Cascais: the charm with a life of its own.

The attractions of this region are not limited to the sea and the extraordinary coastline. The historical heritage, particularly the delicious and picturesque town of Cascais, is one of the great interests of the area, with important architectural and artistic works. The Casino de Estoril, the largest in Europe, is the best example of this. One of the most important entertainment venues in Portugal, it offers visitors an extraordinary daily shows selection.  Nature is also an important attraction. Complementing the sea, green spaces are also fundamental for the ecological balance of the region: The Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

Arrábida & Tróia: blue like the sea

Exceptional beaches. Beaches can often be a decisive factor in a holiday and this region of Portugal offers a wide range of them. The Blue Coast – Costa Azul in Portuguese - extends south as far as Setubal. The coastal area is fundamental, but the Costa Azul also extends into the interior, thus comprising a region with unforgettable beaches, two estuaries, mountains and pure vegetation or the quiet inland plains. A mixture of colours that radiate a unique light that always has a special charm.