Alentejo & Algarve

Inland, the vast golden wheat fields undulate in the wind; along the coast, unspoilt beaches look rugged and unexplored. Golden plains that disappear out of sight combine with the sun and the heat to impose their own slow, steady rhythm. This is the Alentejo.

Alentejo:  the brute force of the land dictates the march of time.

Perhaps this is why the region’s culture has its own particular character. All you need to do is visit Évora and discover its Roman roots and the delightful charm of its heritage to understand why the city has been classified as a World Heritage Site.

Algarve: wherever you look, the colours of the mountains and sea are always with you.

The colours of the mountains and sea are always with you, creating the impression of a water-colour dotted with highlights of gold, green and blue.

The region is an extensive and pleasant one, with a Mediterranean climate, marked by the smell of the sea at low tide and the scent of wild flowers. Whichever place you go for, there is always fun in abundance. In the Algarve, people live their lives outdoors. So come and join them. Enjoy the atmosphere, the climate and the food on the terraces.

Alentejo & Algarve